Tumor Genomics Program

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This program is a complement to the ASCO University Cancer Genetics Program and is designed to help the busy clinician keep on top of the rapidly developing field of tumor genomics, particularly regarding somatic genomic alterations that drive tumor progression and have implications for clinical research and patient care. The program addresses next-generation sequencing technologies and describes optimal uses with available technology platforms. Topics also address the applicability and limitations of results reporting, the laboratory environment, and resources available for use in contextualizing findings and in moving forward with results.

At the end of this course, users should be able to:

  • Distinguish from the numerous existing next generation sequencing technologies, platforms, and applications and develop an appreciation of their respective strengths and weaknesses
  • Describe the bioinformatics pipeline which ultimately is responsible for generating the results reported as a process consisting of a number of complex steps and performed in multiple ways with implications for that which is reported
  • Illustrate how results reported are influenced by a number of independent factors such as the genomic complexity of the tumor microenvironment, the type of tumor specimen analyzed and its composition in terms of tumor versus stromal cells, and the NGS platform and bioinformatics pipeline utilized.
  • Interpret existing publically available resources that can be used to contextualize the results reported and to identify potential therapeutic options

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