Managing Cancer-Related Pain (pack of 50 booklets)

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Just as no two cancers are alike, each patient’s experience with pain is different. But nearly all cancer-related pain can be successfully managed for most people.

In Managing Cancer-Related Pain, patients and their caregivers will learn about the importance of pain relief, including its causes, how it is diagnosed, and types of pain-relief strategies. Pain medications are covered extensively, including types of medications, safe handling, common concerns, and managing multiple prescriptions. Self-care and support methods are discussed, as well as how to effectively communicate with the health care team about issues with pain. This booklet also includes a pain tracking sheet to help patients record how pain affects them.

Relieving pain is an important part of cancer care. Patients who read Managing Cancer-Related Pain will be equipped with the knowledge they need to work with their health care team to create an effective pain management plan. (1 QTY = 50 booklets)

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