ASCO Answers Guide: Small Cell Lung Cancer (1 QTY = 25 Guides)

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A diagnosis of small cell lung cancer can be stressful and overwhelming. However, by learning more about their diagnosis and treatment options, finding support, and getting organized, patients can become empowered and form better partnerships with their oncologists.

ASCO Answers: Small Cell Lung Cancer is packed with current oncologist-approved information about diagnosis, treatment, and side effects. The guide features a conversational tone and reassuring design, giving patients and their caregivers easy access to the tools, resources, and support they need to become active participants in their cancer care. Each section contains questions patients can ask their health care team, as well as blank space for writing down the answers and other important notes. Patients can stay organized by using the handy checkbox design to quickly identify and learn about the tests, procedures, and treatments that they will be receiving.

ASCO Answers: Small Cell Lung Cancer is not just an essential resource for patients. It is a way to promote communication between the health care team, patients, and the people who care for and about them. (1 QTY = 25 guides)

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